A to Z Index of Articles on Climate Change

Here is our A-Z index of articles, covering all aspects of climate change, as well as associated aspects of ecology and environmental science. We look at the causes and effects of global warming: in particular its impact on humans, animals, plants and the ecological system. Our main categories include: global warming, climate and weather, fossil fuels and renewable energies, greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, the impact of climate on the oceans, polar ice melt, wildlife, plants and soil, earth science and pollution. For a breakdown, see below.

NOTE: New articles are added to our A-Z index of articles on a daily basis. In-depth articles are marked with an asterisk.*

Air Pollution: Types, causes & effects*
Air Pollution: Health effects
Air Pollution: Indoor
Air Pollution: Smog
Amazon Rainforest
Animals: Effects of climate change on*
Animals: Endangered
Antarctica: A continent of ice
Antarctic Ice Sheet: How Fast is it Melting?*
Anthropocene Epoch*
Arctic Fires*
Arctic Sea Ice: How fast is it melting?
Asian Brown Cloud: Toxic haze*

Biodiversity: What is it?*
Biodiversity: Loss of
Biogeochemical Cycles
Biomass, Bioenergy & Biofuels
Biomes of the World*
Birds: Threatened by climate change*
Birds of Prey: Endangered*
Black Carbon: A deadly air pollutant*
Blue Carbon
Bushfires, Australian

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)*
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Carbon Cycle*
Carbon Footprint Calculator
Carbon Footprint: How to reduce it?
Carbon Reservoir: Which is the largest?
Cement Industry: CO2 Emissions*
Climate vs Weather
Climate Action
Climate Change Adaptation
Climate Change for Beginners
Climate Change: The Root Cause*
Climate Change Denial
Climate Change Essay in 1000 words
Climate Change FAQs*
Climate Change Mitigation
Climate Change: The Scientific Facts*
Climate Change for Students
Climate Crisis
Climate Ethics*
Climate Feedbacks
Climate Forcings
Climate Models & Modelling
Climate Plan Can’t Cope*
Climate Science
Climate System*
Climate Talks (Timeline of UN Climate Negotiations)*
Climate Tipping Points*
Clouds: How do they affect climate?
Coal: The facts*
Congo Rainforest*
Coral Reefs: Are dying from climate change
COVID-19/Coronoavirus & Climate Change

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Decomposers & Decomposition
Deforestation: What is it?*
Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest*
Deforestation: Effects of
Deforestation: History of*
Deforestation in SE Asia*

Earth: History of
Electric Vehicles (EVs)
El Nino/La Nina Weather System
Emissions Gap
Endangered Species: List of
Energy Balance of Earth
Extreme Weather Events & Climate Change

F-Gases: Fluorinated GHGs
Food Web: Land
Food Web: Marine*
Fossil Fuels: The facts*
Fossil Fuels: Environmental effects*

GAS – see Natural Gas
Geothermal Energy
Global Warming: The Scientific Facts*
Global Warming: Effects*
Global Warming: Effects on humans*
Global Warming: FAQS*
Global Warming Potential (GWP)
Global Warming: When did it start
Greenhouse Effect*
Greenhouse Gases*
Greenhouse Gases: Statistics
Greenhouse Gas Emissions*
Greenland Ice Sheets: The facts

Heatwaves: An effect of global warming*
Hydropower and Hydroelectricity*
Hydrogen Energy
Ice Sheets
Land Use and Climate Change
Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD)
IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change
IPCC – Special Report On Global Warming of 1.5°C
Krill: At risk from climate change
Kyoto Protocol Climate Treaty

Madden-Julian Oscillation
Marine Heatwaves
Marine Microbes*
Methane (CH4)*
Methane: Why are levels rising?
Microplastics Pollution
Montreal Protocol (1987)

Natural Gas: The facts*
Nino, El / Nina, La – see El Nino
Nitrogen Cycle
Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
Nuclear Energy: A replacement for fossil fuels?*
Nuclear Fusion

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Ocean Acidification
Ocean Deoxygenation
Oceans: Influence on climate change
Oceans: Effects of global warming*
Ocean Warming: A Cascade of Disasters
Oil – see Petroleum
Oxygen Cycle
Ozone: Ground Level
Ozone Layer in Stratosphere*

Paris Climate Agreement (2015)
Particulate Matter (PM2.5/PM10)
Petroleum (oil): The facts*
Phosphorus Cycle
Photosynthesis: Carbon Cycle & Climate
Planet Earth: Facts & information*
Plants, Why they are important*
Plants, Effects of climate change
Plants: Is more CO2 good for them?
Pollinators and Pollination

Renewable Energy: What is it?*
Renewable Energy: Benefits of
Respiration in Plants

Seagrasses: huge stores of blue carbon
Sea Level Rise: The Facts
Soil: Why is it so important to the planet?*
Solar Power
Southern Annular Mode (SAM)
Sponge Cities: A solution to urban flooding?
Sulfur Cycle
Sustainable Energy Explained

Temperature of Earth
Temperature: Global Projections
Temperatures: Rising – what to expect
Temperature Rise of Half-Degree
Thermohaline Circulation Deep-water Currents
Tidal Power: Renewable Ocean Energy
Does Tree-Planting Stop Global Warming?

UN Climate Talks – see Climate Talks
UNFCCC: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Water Cycle
Water Vapor: How does it affect climate?
Wave Power: Renewable Marine Energy
Weather – see Extreme Weather events
Wind Power
Wood Burning: Effect on Climate Change

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If you prefer, you can search for the information you want, by visiting the categories, listed below.

A-Z Index of Main Categories

Articles about our climate system, how it’s influenced by clouds, albedo reflectivity, and feedback loops. Plus explanations of anti-flooding adaptation measures involving sponge cities. We explain the difference between climate and weather, and cover certain aspects of climate science and research, including climate modelling and radiative forcings.

Climate Change Treaties
Articles about the main climate change treaties, including the UNFCCC, the Kyoto Protocol (1997), and the Paris Climate Agreement (2015). In addition, we look at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the UN’s expert advisory panel on climate science, and its landmark Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C.

We cover the main greenhouse gases (methane, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide), how they power the greenhouse effect in the lower atmosphere, and how they might be affected by COVID-19. We look at the cement industry’s emissions, as well as the feasibility of carbon capture & storage, and much more.

Articles on fossil fuel extraction, involving coal, petroleum and natural gas, as well as new operations such as fracking and tar sands. We review the main renewable sources of energy (wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal and bioenergy) and analyze the pros and cons of nuclear power.

Articles about the importance of forests as carbon reservoirs. By sucking CO2 out of the air and storing it in their biomass, forests play a major role in climate mitigation. The big threats are deforestation, slash-and-burn agriculture and land use change. We look at forest clearance in the Congo and the Amazon Basin, and ask whether tree-planting can save the planet.

Global Warming
We examine all aspects of our climate crisis, from Earth’s energy budget and the causes of climate change, to what we should expect in the way of temperature increases and extreme weather events, including forest fires, floods and much more.

Articles about the main structure of the polar cryosphere, including the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets, their glaciers and ice streams. We ask how fast are the ice sheets melting and how high are sea levels likely to rise, as a result. Plus, we review the state of the Northern Hemisphere permafrost, the extent of pack ice in the Arctic, and the region’s vulnerability to wildfires.

Articles about the effects of global warming on marine ecosystems, such as the Great Barrier Reef, mangrove swamps. We examine key problems like ocean acidification, deoxygenation and eutrophication, as well as the impact of climate on the complexities of the marine food chain, and more.

Our World
We cover a host of fascinating aspects of Planet Earth, including how it evolved, how its chemicals influence the climate system as well as life, how its subsystems (like the pedosphere, biosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere) help to recycle those chemicals for the benefit of all life forms, and much more.

Plants and Soil
Articles about the ecological importance of plants and soil. We cover photosynthesis, plant respiration and transpiration, as well as the positive and negative effects of global warming on plant metabolism and growth.

Articles about pollution, focusing on the two most global forms – air pollution and microplastics. We examine the health effects of airborne pollutants like black carbon, particulate matter and various aerosols. We also explain all about ground-level ozone and smog. We look at microplastics in the ocean, and the threats they pose to marine animals and human health.

Articles about the amazing biological variety of Earth’s plant and animal kingdoms, their ecological value, and the threats they and their ecosystems face from human encroachment into their habitats and climate change. We also explain the major biomes around the world and profile some of the keystone species.

NOTE: We add new material to our A-Z index of climate articles on a regular basis.