NoMorePlanet.com is a non-commercial environmental science platform whose aim is to provide hard information about the scientific causes and effects of climate change, to a global audience. Our aim, is to inform as many people as possible about what is happening to our planet, and how we might limit its impact.

That said, regaining control of our climate will be more difficult than any of us can imagine. Fossil fuels cannot simply be wished away. Furthermore, we will all need to share more of our wealth, and at the same time consume less energy. Nothing else looks likely to succeed.

Truth From Facts

In order to explain the science of climate change, which can be extremely confusing at times, we focus on facts – obtained mostly from government, scientific journals or other reputable sources – and we cite references for further study wherever possible. So if you spot a factual inaccuracy or misstatement, please let us know and we will correct it immediately.

We welcome all constructive criticism, comments and suggestions from scientists, teachers, students or any other interested parties. Please contact us, using the details at the foot of this page.

Schools and Colleges

Students may download material from our website for personal use in their school or college course work. For details, see: Terms of Use.

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In addition, we want NoMorePlanet.com to be a safe space for education and study. So we do not collect any personal information from any of our visitors.

Editorial Staff

Karina Collins, B.A.

Research Editor
Niall Johnson, LLB

Staff Writers
Jenny Wang, BSc
Sabine Hoffmann, MSc
Jessica Miller, AAS
Maria Sanchez, AS
Jack Taylor, BSc

Editorial Policy

We run an open editorial policy, and welcome scientific contributions from all viewpoints, although we cannot guarantee that your submission will be published. We also reserve the right to edit submissions for both content and style. Submissions must be original and unpublished, and key facts that are not generally accepted should be supported by references. For details, please contact our editor, Karina Collins.

Factual Inaccuracies, Errors and Omissions

No one is perfect, least of all us. If you spot any errors, please tell us. We are grateful for all corrections, and any other constructive comments.

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